Hi, I am
Giacomo Barbero
a young winemaker

A hot sun
Warmth of the soul
The grapes on the branches

Dig me in the dust
Stick me in the mud
I will give you lots of grapes

Modern... by tradition

Giacomo Barbero's farm has its roots in a glorious past while, ant the same time, points to the future, declining techniques and flavors in step with the times.

The intent is to make wine that improves the characteristics of the Roero land, engaging with the help of renewable energy sources and treating
vineyards with an ever lesser impact on the ecosystem to which they belong.
Few labels, but vinified with the utmost attention to detail: "because details make perfection and perfection is not a detail".


Look at the video:
the vineyards
(by the drone)


I'm Giacomo Barbero, a young winemaker from Roero. My personal bond with the land and the vine has a recent origin although it has its roots in a family inheritance of which I am the fourth generation.

I have been involved in this exciting – but complex – challenge for a few years. And the commitment and passion have already given me various satisfactions, although many dreams still remain to be realized.
A push to restart from the bet towards the future begun at the end of the 19th century, in a small farmhouse in San Grato di Valpone, outside Canale d'Alba, by my great-grandfather Giorgio Barbero. A life, his, centered on the cultivation of grapes and winemaking.
My intent - today - is to produce a wine that best releases the characteristics of my land. I am committed to doing this with the help of renewable energy sources. And - over time - to treat my vineyards with techniques that have less and less impact on the ecosystem they belong to. Because my idea of ​​this work is based on the concept of environmental responsibility as a characterizing element of every company.


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