Measure 4.1.1. NOTICE 2020 COVID 19

Operation: 2020 – PSR 2014-2020. Improvement of the overall performance and sustainability of farms (M 4.1.1.) - NOTICE 2020.

Project description

The GIACOMO BARBERO sole proprietorship was established in 2016 with family-owned and rented land, currently leads approximately 9.79 hectares of land of which 4.80 hectares of vines whose production is subsequently transformed into DO / DOCG wine sold in bottles. The company in the wine supply chain is well organized and equipped, therefore the pandemic situation at the beginning of 2020 made the entrepreneur reflect and pushed him to organize himself to face a critical situation in the sales of company products.

Objectives and purposes of the investment: The entrepreneur's objective is to spread out sales as much as possible, in order to arrive on the market in the most favorable periods for negotiation. Therefore he purchased equipment for the transformation of products and wine containers, as an investment envisaged by the entrepreneur, in order we have expenses for:

  • purchase of equipment for product transformation: press, destemmer, refrigeration unit and oenological pumps;
  • purchase of five stainless steel wine vessels.