Who I am:
something about me
and my family history

My personal bond with the land and the vine has a recent origin even if it has its roots in a family heritage of which I represent the fourth generation.

Barbero wines

The company was founded at the end of the 19th century in a small farmhouse in San Grato di Valpone - a fraction of Canale - by the hand of my great-grandfather Giorgio, whose life was dedicated to the cultivation and vinification of grapes on the slopes of the hills of San Grato and Montorino, above what would one day become Barbero S.p.a.
Difficult years, those following the First World War, nonetheless Giorgio's dream was to expand his business as a winemaker to make those wines known to people who were returning to a normal life. And to do this, there was a need for a workforce which - at the time - meant giving birth to a greater number of children, in the hope that they would be boys and able to take on the physically heavier jobs. Thus, Giorgio and his wife Virginia had eight children: five boys and three girls. Which is why they decided to come down from the hill of San Grato to build a new and larger farmhouse right where the road between Canale and Asti would have helped him to grow his businesses.

My intent is to offer a wine that best releases the characteristics of this land, committing myself to do so with the help of renewable energy sources and, over time, treating my vineyards with techniques that have less and less impact on the ecosystem of which they are part.

Visit me in my cellar:
Frazione San Defendente 10, a Canale