Andrea Paglietti

Andrea Paglietti, aenological consultant

My relationship with Andrea Paglietti, my long-standing consultant and winemaker, is a partnership built on passion, trust, and collaboration. Andrea is not only an expert in his field, but also a true partner who shares my passion for wine and fully understands my needs and goals.

Our professional relationship has grown over time, based on a solid foundation of mutual respect and open communication. We work closely together to create wines that reflect my vision and values, and I am confident in Andrea’s ability to deliver exceptional results.

Tel.: +39 339 2018677

Vino & Mercati


Vino & Mercati is a team of professionals offering customized consulting to optimize processes, improve product quality and expand market presence, guaranteeing a lasting competitive advantage. Their aim is to transform a winery into a symbol of excellence and innovation: goal achieved!

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